Four great reasons to move your pickleball action inside



Too hot? Too cold? Too much wind? Too much sun? It’s a great outdoor game, but we know that there are so many times you’d rather not have to deal with all of it.



Tired of showing up and the courts being full? Frustrated with the hassle of waiting and irritated by the bickering around courts? Our online reservation system makes it easy and ensures you can play whenever you plan to play.


The Facility

Our premiere sport flooring has almost 1/2″ of high density cushioning below the playing surface. Your feet and joints will appreciate the time off of the hardcourt.

The facility has great lighting, plenty of parking, high-end ice and water machines and over 20′ of space in between courts.


The Future

Sky Sports is evolving into the premiere family sports destination. Best-in-class volleyball and rock climbing is available now and batting cages, indoor soccer, bowling, a cafe and sports bar are all coming in 2023!

Let’s Play!

Background / About Us

Marin Indoor Pickleball was formed in August 2022 as a partner organization to Marin Volleyball. Marin Volleyball has leased approximately 11,000 square feet to build a state-of-the art, year-round volleyball training facility for youth players ages 10-18. The facility was designed and constructed to support pickleball too and this was a core element to the business model. While volleyball training and programs are primarily given priority, Marin Indoor Pickleball will be the primary use of the space during non-volleyball times.

The current plan for the remainder of 2022 is to make the courts available to the public to generate and gauge interest from local Pickleball players who are interested in the advantages of playing indoors. While long-term plans for the facility have not yet been finalized, we hope to make the courts available to as many players as possible. We will partner with local pros/instructors and organizations to help us serve the community better. If you have ideas in how the space can be used, feel free to send your suggestions/feedback to